Poudre de corps - Shunga - Fruits exotiques

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Shunga / Douceur de neige / Poudre de corps / Mangeable / Fruits exotiques / 15g / Bourse en soie / Plumeau / Tube en carton Kissable Flavored Body Powder. Net weight 228g (8 Oz.) Benefits Delicious flavors drying properties Natural feather included Directions Sprinkle small amounts of the powder onto the skin, or use the feather to spread on the desired areas. Use freely on any part of the body. The body powder can be sprinkled over the bed sheets prior to a night of passion. Characteristics Vegan, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Wash with Water, PAO 24 Months, Lickable, No Sugar, Fragrance Free
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