If curiosity makes you want to experience new sensations, is the ultimate erotic one stop shoppingsolution to get your hands on that object that will satiate your sexual appetite. This site is available to all as long as you are over the age of 18.

Whether alone or as a couple, your libido has always treated you well. Recently however, you haven noticed a decrease in your sex drive. Don’t panic! A quick visit to our catalog of sex toys and accessories can once again kick start your envy for sexual escapades!

We offer a wide selection of entertainment products for adults, which are classified in three broad categories: For Her Pleasure – For His Pleasure – Couples Pleasure

Hundreds of products to explore all facets of pleasure and bring you directly to the doors of ecstasy! From condoms to dildos, massage oils and lubricants, not to mention stimulation gels, sexy lingerie, games and much more.

Everyone has a little wild side inside of them; it’s up to you to let it out.



The “For Her Pleasure” section is crammed with a huge variety of all kinds of sex toys specifically designed for female pleasure and female orgasms. You will also find various types of sexy lingerie, which can bring out the best in you and transport you to a world of eroticism and sensuality. Browse the erotic toys section and explore all our clitoral stimulation delights. Or even discover some feminine ejaculation toys.



Ladies, explore our full range of dildos of all kinds. Classic dildos, 1 or 2 headed dildospenetrator vibrators and dildos with or without vibrators. Have fun with one of our many models of dildos with suction cups to ensure “stability” during penetration and to reach orgasm, even alone! Phallic shaped dildos of all sizes, without phthalate, gelatin or other malleable materials. We carry UR3 and medical grade silicone products too. We have dildos with clitoral stimulator for single or double penetrations. First time trying anal penetration? We also carry dildos specifically designed for you to reach seventh heaven and give yourself a new kind of orgasm that you have never before experienced. They come in all shapes and sizes and they will titillate the erogenous zones of the anus like no other!

Sexy Lingerie


Master the art of seduction and stoke the fires of passion that burn inside your partner with a piece of sexy feminine offers an impressive inventory of feminine clothing in all styles; become an enticing vixen and dare you wear an item from the Club Wear collection for your very sexy soirees. Or better yet, let yourself be tempted by one of our many models of corsets and bustiers that will highlight your beautiful cleavage. A pretty pair of stockings and a garter belt to get their attention or a mini-string that will unveil your feminine curves beautifully. A wide array of sexy lingerie such as brassieres, panties, flimsy nightgowns, bodys and more is also available for voluptuous or stacked women. Peruse our wide range of accessories: false eyelashes, nipples cups etc.

G-Spot Stimulators


Tired of hearing about your girlfriends famous G-spot? We offer a wide selection of sex toys intended to help you reach this “famous” erogenous zone. Their particular and slightly curved shape makes it possible to massage that small granular swelling inside the vagina. A G-spot vibrator allows you to massage it and stimulate it, right up to the point of ecstasy. Each woman is different so you will either need little or lots of practice with your new sex toy to finally understand what your friends mean when they tell you that the feeling of achieving orgasm through the G-spot goes beyond words. All it takes is a little patience by yourself or with a partner and a G-spot vibrator to experience feminine ejaculation.



Our range of cosmetics offers a wide range of sweet and intoxicating lotions that will add spice to your sleepless nights. An array of lubricant gels for all skin types, even the most sensitive. A wide range of oils and massage lotions inviting sensations of warmth or coolness for your more languid moments together. Desensitizing products, excitement gels, the aphrodisiacs will become the “enablers” of your hottest, sexiest moments. Pheromone perfumes will literally plow the sexual attraction between you and your partner. If you like sex in the shower or in a bath, you will be delighted with all the various bath products we offer, not to mention essential cleansers for your sex toys!


Gentlemen, you will not be left behind because carries hundreds of erotic accessories of all kinds in the “His Pleasures” section, to provide you with moments of absolute intensity. It’s up to you let yourself be guided by your curiosity starting with the discovery of new and intense sensations. We carry the latest in erotic male pleasure products.


TO EXPERIENCE THE HIGHEST SENSATIONS offers a very large selection of masturbators for men, with or without vibrators. The best brands in male pleasure for your very own delight. Anal penetration products and prostate stimulators will help you experience extreme pleasure and satisfy you to the fullest. Several models of masturbators for penetration or suction are available. Don’t knock it till you try it! Some masturbators will give you the same effect of real penetration inside female genitals. Masturbators come in all penis sizes. Heighten the sensation at the time of ejaculation with the use of sex toys for men. Gentlemen, you simply have no reason not to give in to temptation! The pleasures of a masturbator can be experienced alone or in pairs.

Prosthetics & Extensions


There is no reason why your erectile worries should ruin your life during sexual encounters. There exists in the market an extensive choice of sex toys for men designed to improve your performance and assist you in case of erectile problems. proposes several models of prostheses (with belt) or extensions in which all you need to do is insert the penis. Penis extensions are very popular to extend the size of your member, or to improve its girth. To your delight, these will help to keep your cock hard and straight for longer periods of time, so you can give and receive maximum sensations with your partner. Erotic toys are not only reserved for women after all! Find your male vigor with our prostheses and extensions for men.

Masculine Accessories


Do you dare to discover all of the accessories for men that has to offer? Several models of sex toys to enhance your private parts for those “legs in the air” moments; erection pumps and testicular accessorieserection ringscock rings to delay ejaculation. Alone or in pairs, these accessories give you a host of new physical sensations. Novelty in bed is the secret to longevity. Never have you felt a more intense and sustained erection! Thinner and top of the line Japanese condoms will give you maximum sensation during penetration. Find the model that suits you best by choosing from a variety of sexy and realistic inflatable dolls for hours of steamy torrid sex. Male supplements and non-prescription pills approved by Health Canada to maintain erections.

Sexy Lingerie


Whether you’re looking to bewitch your partner, to entice them or to dress them in a sexy or comfortable undergarment, has something for you. Thongs, boxers, briefs, funny thongs for a laugh! When the time comes, you can show off your masculine attributes by wearing one of the many models from our collections of men’s underwear because the packaging is just as exciting as the content. Allow yourself to gently tease and titillate your partner’s imagination. Ignite the burning desire that your partner covets by being as beautiful and sexy as they wish you to be. Be mysterious, let yourself be desired, admired and mentally unwrapped before you set the scene for a hot and steamy romp.


For unequaled pleasure, the “Couples Pleasure” section, offers a range of small wonders that will spice up your sex life. Ideal for personal amusement and to make sexy advances at your loved one. Get rid of a boring old sexual routine by being capricious and original. Fulfill your fantasies while sharing erotic and sensual activities together. Several games and erotic accessories for couples are at your fingertips, waiting to be discovered!

Erotic Games


Erotic games and teasing games for two should be added to your sex life repertoire. They provide fun and lightness and will make you experience many pleasant moments as a couple. Surprise your better half by offering him or her one of the many erotic games has to offer. Exciting sexy scenarios to guarantee torrid evenings. Erotic coupon books and tickets for small erotic or sensual favors abound. Find fantasies for all tastes, from the “softest” to the “hardest” scenarios. Card games, love calendars, planners for sexual favors and sexual positions, are just some of the few examples among many others that will make you friskier than a cat on a curtain! Treat yourself to a little sweet surprise by getting chocolate body paint or transform your home for a spell into a palace of sexy treasure hunt games!


Laissez-vous tenter par un harnais

One of the many pleasures that a harness or “strap-on” for couples can provide, is the discovery of anal pleasure. possesses a huge choice of harnesses for men or women. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will find the harness for you. Double the intense sensations for couples with comfortable harness vibrators. Ladies, dare to try something new by putting on a harness to intensify your partner’s pleasure. Dominate and be dominated, swap roles between partners and expand the sexual possibilities for two. Manufacturers have developed a range of innovative and comfortable products to help you discover another facet of your sex life together.

Massages and caresses


Erotic massages and sensual caresses are excellent ways to foreplay as couples in order to stoke the fire that burns and prepare “the field” for raunchy romps. Accessories for erotic massages and caresses allow you to have fun while paying special attention to your cherished one. allows you to explore the secrets of languorous caresses and erotic massage with a full range of ticklers and massage vibrators of every kind. The spherical electric vibrators and massagers will complement your fingering work while varying the pleasure experienced during double stroking. The universe of caresses is infinite. It’s up to you to seek out the hidden practices that enhance the mutual understanding of each other’s bodies.

Accessories For Couples

Accessoires soft ou hard pour couples

If the fetish side in you needs to be awakened, why not introduce accessories like a dildo, gag or cuff and handle kits for steamy lovemaking in the shower. Discover couples rings and revolutionary erotic toys. Better yet, get yourself an inflatable lounger for comfort during new sexual positions for two. You’ll likely drive her crazy with excitement when you break out he famous flexible mini tongue-shaped vibrator to intrude her most intimate areas. will contribute to help you optimize your sexuality repertoire, offering the best and most recent erotic accessories dedicated to open minded couples who are in the market new modern toys. Large collection of erotic DVDs, books and more.