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SEX SHOP, welcomes you to its most complete sex shop.
We are the new website for Erotic shop Carrefour Du Sexe Inc. We have been selling sex products and erotic toys for adults for over 25 years.

We now offer you the freedom to view our product with confidence in the comfort of your own home, safely and without embarrassment. Our online sex shop catalog is one of the most comprehensive ever.

You will find a wide selection of erotic lingerie for small and large sizes, accessories and toys for women, men and couples, which will surely satisfy your curiosity and your wildest desires. You will also find entertaining erotic games, pranks for your parties and a huge selection of lotions, massage oils, lubricants, DVDs and literature to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs

In addition, a range of essentials for spending unforgettable moments is recommended to you in the various headers. is the reference for your erotic shopping needs.

Let our consultants help you with your choices in the shop


As specialist in erotic products and accessories for adult entertainment, la Boutique Carrefour du Sexe Inc. is now proud to offer you the opportunity to view all our kinky products from the comfort and discretion of your own home. Our catalog at, is a high quality website, intended to meet your expectations in all matters of pleasure.

Long regarded as taboo, the exhilarating sensations of sexual pleasure now outweigh the imposed censorship of a bygone era. Our sex shop gives you access to our complete catalog of products and erotic toys with accessories for men, women or couples (dildos, lingerie of all sizes, G-spot stimulatorsmasturbators, harnesses, and even more).

Sex Shop Like No Other stands out from the rest with its friendliness and exceptional service with clientele. We welcome you in store and give you lots of tips on usage and information about our various products. Unlike certain larger chains that treat you like a number or a virtual shopper, we make it our priority to give you a personalized and human service in store!


We have a huge range of quality products for your more intimate and tender moments: lotions, massage oils and lubricants to adequately satisfy your carnal pleasures and your erotic games. Always on the lookout for new products, we attend industry salons to constantly and actively refresh our stocks. There is virtually nothing we can’t get for you! Can’t find the object of your desires? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to listen and help you find this item you so covet.

Fun For All Budgets!

Whether it’s your first attempt at purchasing of erotic toy or whether you’re a refined connoisseur in the field, we will meet your expectations. Friendly, safe and discreet, our erotic store offers a variety of items for beginners and regulars, and for every budget.

Some Benefits to Consider

High-end items hold a manufacturer’s warranty.

Because we make your satisfaction our priority, we never hesitate to seek out more attractive and efficient erotic accessories and toys. Our sex shop in Laval is managed by competent people who are constantly seeking to innovate in order to provide you with the latest sex toys of the market.

Naughty Games Section – Tricks and Jokes – Items for Bachelorette Party

Our sex shop is THE reference for erotica. allows you to explore different facets of sexuality: for a satisfying sexlife, spicy, romantic or more whoop whoop, for your self-pleasuring or whatever your fantasies are! By perusing our various sections you will discover a new universe, where each person finds what they desire.

Here, everything is done with respect to you’re the personal limitations of each individual. There is certainly no need to open up to a practice that does not reflect your personal values. Dare to discover the naughty couples games section to add some spice to your lovemaking to surprise your partner and keep the fires burning. Open-up and let yourself be guided by your envy.

Litterature and DVDs

A good sex shop offers more than just erotic toys! We also include naughty literature as part of the many privileged purchases of a more diverse clientele. Books on The Kama Sutra as well as new books on erotic sensual massages can bring couples to new sexual heights.

Sensuality is an integral part of sexuality, and for a couple’s relationship to remain exciting and challenging, all senses must be stimulated. Let yourself be subdued by your partner’s gentle velvety voice whispering hot new erotic lines into your ear. Learn the art of sensual massage. Whether alone or in pairs, dare to let your imagination lead you to new heights. Explore new sensations, put aside your inhibitions and immerse yourself in that hypnotic wave that seizes you when you watch one of the many erotic movies from our collection.

For a discreet virtual tour, is the portal to your fantasies and your curiosity.